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One Great Man – One Smart Philosophy

Alan and Sir JohnThe world works in mysterious ways. One of the greatest investors of our time left us on July 8th after enriching so many on a global scale both financially and spiritually. We have to admit he was definitely the most influential individual in structuring our risk-adverse, flexible investment philosophy that has become such an integral part of LanczGlobal and our Registered Investment Advisory firm, Alan B. Lancz & Associates, Inc. More than that, however, we learned so many quality traits from Sir John that encompass our everyday life for which we will always be grateful. The global markets have continued their volatile ways over the two weeks since Sir John’s passing. Commodity prices have plunged (down 16%) and the financial sector has risen like a Phoenix (up 34%) clearly illustrating the strengths of Sir John’s “avoiding the herd” and “buy when there’s blood in the streets” words of wisdom.

We would not have had the discipline and resolve to have recommended the partial profit taking in our over-weighted positions on energy of late without the guidance of Sir John over the past 20+ years. How appropriate that this underlying philosophy, the success of which our subscribers have experienced first hand over the years, has proven so immediately rewarding for those investors that know the dangers of chasing the “hot” investment. Sir John was instrumental in LanczGlobal’s establishment of our Long/Short Portfolio back in August 1998. This allowed us to take advantage of extreme swings in both directions in global stock values, and the timing could not have been better.

Three bubbles have inflated in the interim – Technology with insane values in the dot-coms was a key reason Sir John pushed for a more market neutral portfolio option for our investors/subscribers. This was followed by the real estate & financial bubbles that we were fortunate enough to warn about last summer when values were still hitting daily new highs, and finally the start of a new bubble this summer with the surge of oil to nearly $150 along with several other commodities. From our buying immediately after the 1987 stock market crash to taking advantage of the extreme swings with the aforementioned bubbles, we can honestly say we would not have been able to take advantage of these extremes without the help and wisdom of Sir John Marks Templeton. Thank you Sir John – you will always be a part of our lives and dearly missed.

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