This year started with a craze for SPAC’s, Meme Stocks, and Cryptocurrency with investors buying them up in a momentum led push to record valuations. Investors were made to feel like fools if they did not sell their gold to buy Bitcoin at over $60,000.

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    Wall Street vs. Main Street 

    Warning on Stimulus effect on Bonds and Fixed Income

    What Was Your Advisor Telling You into 2024? How about in 2022?
    Late 1999? or Even 1987?

    Late January 2020 

    March 16, 2020 – 10 Things Investors Should Do

    1 – Make sure your cash is in Treasury Backed or Government Money Market funds or Insured Deposits.

    2 – If you have not taken profits earlier or have been told to “stay the course” or “hold on” and are uncomfortable, then use strength to reduce your stock exposure.

    3 – If you are retired or close to retirement do not panic after an over 30% plunge. Remember that you will use your savings over many decades and do not need the monies all at once.

    4 – Do not listen to scare tactics from salespeople that try to sell you high cost programs or transfer your accounts.

    5 – Do not invest short-term savings or emergency monies into stocks. Only invest capital that can stay invested 2-3 years.

    6 – Stay short-term on your savings and fixed income as long-term commitments in the face of record low interest rates does not make sense.

    7 – Be wary of long-term bonds. With interest rates near zero in the U.S. and negative overseas, the risk is high and reward incredibly low. In fact, ten-year U.S. Treasury yields were below 0.50% last week, and yield stabilization would be a positive sign that the panic is ending.

    8 – Make sure you understand the risk you are taking with any investment and know how to determine if the reward potential is enough for the degree of risk you take.

    9 – Know what you own. For example, investing in S&P 500 has several airlines, cruise, and other travel companies despite advanced notice that the travel industry would not be “worth the risk” anytime into the near term and exposure should be avoided.

    10 – For those investors with a multi-year time horizon, start buying quality high-income stocks into panic selling.

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    December 31, 2018 – Featured on Bloomberg Markets: The Close and Radio

    Our #1 aggressive growth recommendation for 2019 is Celgene Corp (CELG) which has similar depressed valuations and solid risk-to-reward that 2018 recommendation Chipotle. Chipotle stock fell below $280 a share after our recommendation but ended the turbulent year up over 40%. For LanczGlobal’s latest insights as we start a new decade. Please click here.

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