Our proprietary research is now available to, and utilized by, investors, investment advisors, financial institutions, as well as many research organizations. This is the same timely research which helped us take maximum advantage of the bull market of the early 1980’s, warned us of the extreme downturns and crash of the late 1980’s, helped us avoid much of the damage of the interest bubble of early 2000, and warned us of the energy merchant culprits like Enron, Dynergy and Calpine well before the sector caved in the subsequent year. This research is now available on a daily basis within the Member’s Only portion of our web site.

Member’s Only is the true elite of the professional money management privileged – access web sites. It is real time. It shows money flow – money flow in and money flow out. It presents current portfolios of Alan B. Lancz – all portfolios, all holdings, holdings added and deleted – as they happen. We were one of the investment research firms in the country to offer this transparency on a real time basis. It offers proprietary research. The type of out-of-the-box, independent investment research that few, if any, firms have to offer. In addition, it spotlights what today’s investor needs spotlighted – in capital trends, sector happenings, domestic and global financial events, with analysis of their strategic ramifications – as it happens.

Please review the sections below for specific features and special daily investment strategies, commentary and analysis available within Member’s Only. As with all of our publications and research services, it comes with a pro-rata money back guarantee.

 Alan B. Lancz Real-Time Portfolios

Our Member’s Only site is unique for a number of reasons. First of all, we were the first investment research firm to fully disclose our corporate investment advisory account holdings, plus our individual holdings, both personally and corporately, on a real time basis. This provides a picture of our “actual” money management, and how our strategies are implemented. It shows what we are doing, what we are buying and selling, on a daily basis. This is a powerful investment tool and one that has yet to be replicated by any other Wall Street investment research firm. This data is provided for your investment guidance and is available as an exclusive feature of LanczGlobal’s Member’s Only.

Member’s Only details every transaction on a real time basis of ABL’s Corporate, Personal and 401(k) accounts. Past performance does not guarantee future success.

 Lancz Fax Portfolio

The Lancz Fax Portfolio is a “hypothetical” portfolio based on recommendations found in Member’s Only (as well as national media interviews). This section illustrates how a non-taxable, aggressive portfolio can best utilize our strategic recommendations and advice. This portfolio and Lancz Long/Short Portfolio, are purely hypothetical to illustrate the potential on utilizing our research in a very aggressive manner.

 Lancz Long/Short Portfolio

The Lancz Long/Short Portfolio was initiated upon numerous discussions with legendary investor Sir John Templeton who felt in 1998 that having a more market neutral approach would be more beneficial over the next decade. It, along with The Lancz Fax Portfolio, are purely hypothetical and best illustrate our regular research opportunities combined with “short” sale candidates that offer alluring potential on the downside.

 Lancz International Portfolio

The Lancz International Portfolio was created to showcase an international approach to our foreign investment research opportunities. This portfolio and Lancz Long/Short Portfolio, are purely hypothetical to illustrate the potential on utilizing our research in a very aggressive manner.

 Stock Talk

“Stock Talk” brings you the latest insights from the world of equities. Exclusive articles in “To The Point” provides you with crystallized analysis and our latest commentary on specific recommendations from all sectors and industries. “Speculatively Speaking” is our analysis on where the opportunities present themselves before it gets too over-exposed on Wall Street. Sometimes we take advantage of periods when Wall Street is off base, like in October 2004 when the generic drug industry was hitting new lows on sympathy with the problems of Merck and other large pharmaceuticals. Both of these popular and insightful columns are exclusively available on Member’s Only.

 Top 10 Holding & Actual Money Flow

Our largest holdings, with current money flow, is shown not only to let you find out exactly what we are buying and selling on a real time basis, but also for you to see what recommendations we have the most confidence in and how we actually accumulate or eliminate speculative positions. Actual price ranges and buy and sell limits are detailed here. All of our top holdings are detailed with our latest thoughts, analysis and strategies for each position. Again, we offer a powerful investment guidance tool for your professional or personal investment decisions.

 Sector Spotlight

This volatile market has given investors plenty of opportunity to take advantage of rotational corrections. Sector Spotlight is the place to find out what to avoid that Wall Street is currently pushing (in the summer of 1999 it was the drugstore sector), to what to focus on with low current expectations, but great potential (energy stocks late in 1998 when oil was $12 a barrel with $10 expectations). Sector Spotlight focuses on market extremes and the best way to take advantage of them. This has been one of the most reliable and popular features of Member’s Only.

 Sound Investing Basics

Featuring our honor roll of the best no-load/low cost mutual funds and exchange traded funds in America. Investors learned in 2000 that it can be misleading just looking at the performance numbers. Our proprietary analysis emphasizes the degree of risk within each fund as well as the inherent potential tax exposure in the world of mutual funds, to make sure you maximize your performance while staying within your risk parameters. Each honor roll fund is listed in preferential order in accordance with both its risk and performance analysis.

 Latest Company Updates

Utilizing the latest in online methodology to update both current and past recommendations so you know our strategy and latest thoughts on each holding. This includes our specific buy limit, target range, aggressive buying range, and proprietary safety factor ratings.

Disclosure: LanczGlobal LLC is an independent investment research firm. All articles and content are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a solicitation, offering or recommendation of any security. LanczGlobal LLC does not represent that the securities, products, or services discussed in this publication or within are suitable or appropriate for all investors. All recommendations and analysis constitute an opinion which may change without notice and may or may not prove correct. Readers must make their own independent investment decisions, as past success can not guarantee future results. LanczGlobal LLC or Alan B. Lancz are not affiliated or endorsed by any national media and only acts as an authoritative source of information. Such information does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell securities or investment vehicles.